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Jan 2014


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We are continuing to expand the GO4 fleet into 2014, as the demand for cost effective quality haulage continues we are expanding our fleet to service the needs

of our extensive customer base.

We have always remained alert to the needs of our customers and we pride ourselves on our flexible approach in remaining at the leading edge of the haulage industry.

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Coffee Consumption


Yes! We love to drink coffee, it keeps us alert on the job, making your deliveries on time every time, "Put the kettle on".

Food Consumption


Wow ! Over our years of service our drivers have eaten this amount of Bacon or Sausage Cobs and cream buns at truck stops.

Our Fleet


We have spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on our fleet, our fuel, our servicing and our parts. Amazing !

Our Deliveries


We have delivered thousands of haulage loads over 20 years of service and covered enough miles to circle the moon several times.